Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spinning Philosophic for an hour.

So, I had a moment today.  I finished the Oakland Marathon a week ago on an injured leg then promptly managed to get sick for 3 days.  So, needless to say, my training has been a little.. . well. .. lame for the past 8 days.  So today, to try to just get out there and do something, I went out for an "easy spin" ride. 

Well, my easy spin ride was boring as hell.  A simple little out and back.  No real hills. I probably didn't sweat.  I know I didn't my heart rate up into the higher regions of zone 1, much less zone 2.  I was out there for an hour reminding myself to "lift lift lift" on my pedal stroke. 

Then I got home and realized that my Garmin had recorded a pace of 11.7 mph on the ride (that includes stop light time).  This got me to thinking about my older races so I looked back at some times.
My first Alcatraz? 11.4 mph; my second? 12.6 mph.  My first Wildflower? 11.3 mph. My second?  11.9 mph. (different WF courses). 

Now I know, that those of you in the know are thinking. . . Yeah-- those two courses are really hilly and that slowed you down.  True.  Totally, completely and undeniably true. But what was so amazing was remembering how hard I'd worked to post those comparable times.  I remember being EXHAUSTED at all of those races. Feeling liked I'd busted my ass to get there just being wasted before ever starting out on the run.   Today I felt I hadn't really worked out at all. 

Just some thoughts. .. but it is amazing what a few years of practice can do.

Now get out there and do something.

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