Saturday, June 11, 2016

What do you think about while you are running?

I know, I've not posted in a while.  But I've been meaning to get back into it, and I've got to start raising money again (see below) so I figured it was time.

That, and I was out with a a new-ish friend the other night and somewhere in our conversation she asked me "what do you think about while you are out there?" and I realized I didn't really have a good answer-- trust me, I don't know sounded pretty lame even to my ears--so, without further ado and probably in no particular order here are the things I thought about for varying periods of time on my run today.

OK, its 5.  I have to be back by 7:30.  Where can I go?  I hope my back doesn't bother me and I can get a good run in.  I really wish the gym were open today. Maybe I'll have time for a pushup ladder after the run.  I love being out here when everyone else is asleep.  Its so pretty and quiet.

Hope this doesn't re-injure my back.  It feels so good right now, I'm probably going to pay for this later.

Can't believe that after 20 years, I didn't get a Falmouth Road Race Number and neither did Will.  Can't believe we have to raise money for charity to get a number.  Better get on that (don't worry, the requests are coming).  How are we going to do that?

Remind Will he needs to take 10 shots today in his town game.  I hope he does well in try-outs this week.  How am I going to get him to try outs this week.  4:30 in Taunton is a pain in the ass. Who schedules this stuff.

Ugh- we have our work retreat Tuesday.

Maybe I should give up on "this".  Am I pushing too hard?  Am I not working hard enough?  Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing and if I'm doing the right thing.

Gee I wish my paddleboard was up here, It'd be great to be paddling around the lake instead of running it right now.

How am I going to finish this run, feed the kids, get the soccer fields set up and get Will and John out the door to his game by 8:30, Its 6:15 already, I'd better get moving.  What? I"m running 10:15's?  Yeah, I'm going to be late and nothing is going to get done and everyone is going to be late.  Oh shit I'd better hurry up.

We need a new rec director.  I wonder if I can talk S into doing it.  How am I going to run this league next season with all the new age groups.  Maybe we could. . .

It just feels good to be out here.  I really like what they did with their garden. I should be weeding my front yard instead of running this morning.  I should also be cleaning my house.  When I get home I'll...
I hope S and K  both enjoy their tri's today.  I miss having all my tri folks around me.  Maybe I should do another tri?  Which one should I sign up for? I wonder if I can get John to let me do Wildflower next year.  Isn't today Escape from Alcatraz-- that was always fun.  I miss the sand ladder.  Was so much fun always showing up at a start line and knowing people.  One of the two things I miss about California.

What else do I need to get done before Jack's birthday party today. I can't believe Jackie is going to be 10.  How did that happen? How am I 43?

What do I want to do when I grow up?  I really need to figure that out so I can start doing it.

You know, someone asked me what I think about when I run, maybe I should do a post about that.

What? 12 miles already. . . Phew, I made it home on time.  Now I can manage to face the day.

No time for that pushup ladder though.

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