Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 10 things I learned taking my new bike out for its first ride of the season

10. They moved the bottle cage on this bike from my last one-- I can't reach it. Why would they do this and how was I supposed to know when I bought the new one? Along those lines, they removed the cage holder from the seat tube. . . only 1 cage??? Not cool. Gotta figure out one of those butt pack ones now.
9. Almost all the confidence I gained on my old bike did not transfer to my new bike-- took 18 miles (or so) to feel even close to comfortable on the new bike. Still not sure I like the new shifters either
8. My new bike needs a name. Problem is I liked the name of my old bike (see #6, below).
7. Double spin class (2hr) in the gym is nothing like 2 hours on the real bike. Nothing.
6. Who ever stole my old bike is really an asshole. And I'm not a big fan of whoever bought it and is riding it now either.
5. I still climb better than I descend. Why do I keep signing up for Ironman races with no climbing? IM St. George (Utah) still has spaces-- what am I waiting for?
4. I missed both of my better cycling halfs. . . Sandy and or Norma, we need to ride soon.
3, You can't tell from the first ride whether your aerobars are in the correct position (or at least I can't). . . Felt short for the first 18 or so, then started to be OK. . . think I need another good road ride to figure it out.
2. God bless my Adamo saddle.
1. Just because you rode 112 miles 4 months ago does not mean you can jump on a bike and ride 25 easily.

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